Welcome to the 2013 Escape from Prison Run!  Holt, FL – 10/26/13

We would like to invite you not to just an obstacle run but one of the most unique experiences you will ever have. This course is specifically designed to introduce each runner to the prison world and what it would take to escape. Don’t worry; we are not going to give you the FULL experience with the finger printing, strip searching, cramped living quarters, and potential shanking. You will, however, experience other facets of the prison world and use your brain and will to escape in order to outsmart the obstacles, guards, dogs, and police officers. Amongst the paranoia and adrenaline, you will have to ask yourself….CAN YOU ESCAPE!

This race is offered in a 5k length with two levels of skill and ability. You can run as a “Chain Gang” Escapee and experience the race course at a basic level designed for all sizes, ages, and fitness level. Or you can race as a “Death Row” Escapee where the course is designed for those who consider themselves in the more advanced fitness level.

There will also be an 8k version of the race offered only during certain waves or “Pods”. The 8k will automatically sign you up for as a “Death Row” Escapee because you obviously think you run the prison from the inside.

Multiple vendors and sponsors will be present at the event so prepare for the festival environment. We are constantly updating our pages so please visit often to see any new and exciting updates. A portion of our proceeds and other assistance will be donated to local and national charities. Please check our “Giving Back” section for more information.

If you are interested in Escaping in your area, please visit our “Help Me Escape” link and enter your information. We are interested in new locations so feel free to encourage your friends and family to support your area.









We are proud to introduce the following sponsors:




  ECONOLODGE of Crestview

                      3101 South Ferdon Blvd., Crestview




982 Hwy. 90 West, Holt

850-889-6457 / 850-313-5973





What is the Escape from Prison Run?

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to escape from prison? Now you can experience it for yourself without the added jail time, horrible food, restricting bracelets, and uncomfortable showers. This unique obstacle race is specifically designed to immerse each runner (AKA Escapee) in a realistic experience fueled with adrenaline, mild paranoia, and a bit of healthy fear. This is not just a race…This is an experience! The real question is… “CAN YOU ESCAPE?”

How long is the Escape from Prison Run?

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The Escape from Prison Run will offer two different length races: 5k (3.1 miles) and 8k (4.97 miles). Race lengths will be as accurate as possible but not exact. Besides, you won’t notice the difference when you are trying to escape the prison guards!

What type of obstacles and how many will be present?

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Based on the fact you will be escaping from prison, it is impossible to forecast the obstacles you will face. No escapee has a blueprint for the obstacles he would face, so all you need to know is there are many obstacles and they are built to enhance the experience.

Will there be a course map available?

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No. The course map will only make it easier for you and “THE MAN” doesn’t want that.

How difficult are the obstacles?

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We understand not all escapees are built the same so there are two lengths and two levels to accommodate all sizes, ages, and fitness levels. The “Chain Gang” escapee is designed for the average person with an average fitness level. The second escapee is the “Death Row” escapee. This version includes more difficult obstacles (or versions of obstacles) and is for the above average and elite racers. These options will only be available for the 5k race. If you are going to take on the 8k, than you automatically qualify as a “Death Row” escapee.

How do I register?

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To register, you can click on the “Registration” links or visit Active.com. All registrations will be completed through Active.com as an online registration. It is important to visit the website periodically to identify any changes since additional details will be added as the race approaches.

What do I get with entry fee?

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Your entry fee will include the following:

  • Racing bib/chip to record your time
  • Race shirt
  • Finishing gift (that is…if you finish)
  • Bragging rights
  • A piece of mind (knowing you helped support your community and worthy causes)

Is this a non-profit run?

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No. Although this race does not qualify as a “non-profit organization”, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to local and national charities/organizations. Chaotic Innovations, LLC. believes in giving back so all efforts will be made to support local charities, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Please visit the “Giving Back” page for more information.

Is this race coming to my city/state?

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Since this race is unique, our locations will be unique also. Our goal is to visit locations requested by our escapees and potential escapees. A race calendar will be updated as locations are selected.

How can I get a race to come to my area?

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We will be adding a “Help Me Escape” link  on the EVENT Page soon to register your city and state. Make sure you let your friends know to add votes so we can assess the venue.

Will team racing be available?

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Absolutely! Misery loves company and we love misery. Team registrations will be available for teams of 3-4 escapees. Simply select the team registration and follow the prompts on Active.com.

Are spectators allowed to attend? If so, will there be an admissions charge?

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Yes, spectators are welcome and encouraged to attend. And yes, there will be a minimal entrance fee but there will be plenty of vendors, food, and action to go around. And who knows, you might get some free sponsored products.

Can spectators be on the race path?

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No. For the safety of the escapees, workers, and spectators, no spectator will be allowed on the race course. There will be designated viewing areas and additional options to keep the spectators informed about their favorite escapee.

Can I volunteer for a race?

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Yes, thank you. Volunteers are always welcome. Please visit our “Giving Back” page for additional information.


Can I register by phone or mail?

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No. All registrations will be online and conducted through Active.com. Please visit the “Registration” page for additional information.

Can you please explain the wave system, it sounds a bit confusing?

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We have established waves known as “Pods” to allow all escapees to have a safe and enjoyable experience. During registration, you will have the option to select a “Pod” to run in. This will establish a time period for your escape. As the race approaches, you will receive additional information via email indicating the exact time of your escape.

How much does it cost?

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All prices are listed on the “Registration” page and must be selected during the online registration. Prices will increase as time gets closer so register as soon as possible for the most savings.

Are the prices listed per person or per team?

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Both. You can register as a single escapee for a certain price or you can register a team for a group price.

How many people are allowed per team?

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Three minimum and four maximum. If you would like to race together, name your teams in succession so they can be placed in the same heat if possible. (Ex. Big Dogs 1 and Big Dogs 2)


Are refunds available for race registration?

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Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.

I found a promotional code, can I use it?

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Absolutely! If you received a promo code, we encourage you to use it. And, in the spirit of breaking the law, we will look the other way if you want to sneak it to your friends.

Will there be an age limit for participants?

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Yes. Minimum age for participating is 14 years of age with a maximum of 101. Don’t worry; there will be activities available for the younger children. And maybe even some chains to keep them in.

What will be available for young children?

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There will be a section primarily for children to keep them from taking over the prison. We will have fun activities available to include water if weather is permitting.

Can team members start at different times?

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No. All team members must race in the same heat in order to receive an accurate time and maintain accountability.

Do you have custom team t-shirts?

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No but you can visit our sponsor, Queensboro.com to create your own custom shirts. Mention the Escape from Prison Race for additional discounts if available.

Can I manage/change my team?

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In order to maintain accurate accountability, all teams will be set once the registration has been made. Continue visiting the website for any new information and watch your emails for any updates.


Where can I by race merchandise?

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All merchandise will be available on site at the day of the event. Continue to visit the website for any new developments as the race approaches.

Can I get a refund/exchange clothing purchased at the race?

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Unfortunately, all sales are final.

Pre-race packet pick-up:

Can I pick up packet on race day?

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Yes, but understand the wait time will be unpredictable. Please bring all required documentation and a photo ID. Arrive at least one hour before your “Pod” time to ensure you have plenty of time to plan your escape.

Can someone else pick up my packet?

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No. You must provide a photo ID to receive your packet.

Event Day:

What time should I arrive and what should I bring?

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At a minimum you want to arrive 1 hour before your escape time. There will be plenty of vendors, food, and action going on so we suggest showing up early to prepare your escape and stay long enough to check out all of the sponsors/vendors.

What should I wear?

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Whatever you want but keep it appropriate for children. Children will be present and if your outfit is deemed in appropriate you will be asked to change or leave the event. Please visit our website periodically to receive any new information or available outfits.

Are costumes allowed?

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You know it! An event like this is not an event without costumes. Just remember to keep it kid friendly or be prepared to change or leave the event. Please visit our website periodically to receive any new information or available outfits.

What about the weather?

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You can’t delay your escape due to a little rain, right? So the race will go on unless conditions are determined to be unsafe for escapees or spectators.

Where can I receive medical help?

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Medical stations will be on site with medical personnel stationed throughout the race. Notifying any employee/volunteer will get help to you if needed.

What if I cannot complete an obstacle?

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Don’t worry, you won’t be shot. But we do encourage you to take the penalty which is a substitute activity (for example: 15 pushups).

Can I skip an obstacle?

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Penalties will be in place if you are unable or unwilling to complete an obstacle. Each obstacle will have a substitute activity (for example: 15 pushups) as the penalty listed. Remember, you are escaping from prison…no feat is impossible.

Can I bring my dog?

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No. We love animals but not all animals love us. So please keep ALL pets at home.

Are water and aid stations on the course?

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Yes. They might not be your typical cups with water but you will have water stations. As for aid stations, they will be present also throughout the course.

What should I do when I arrive?

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If you live out of the area, please check our site for potential discounts on hotel rooms in the area.

A pre-race packet pick-up rally will be held on Friday, October 25th, 2013 with times and location to be announced. Please continue to visit the website and monitor your email for updates.

Giving Back


Here are our community partners:


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paws logo large                                                Crimestoppers                           



A MESSAGE FROM JASON FOLLEY, Owner – Chaotic Innovations, LLC

Thank you for visiting our site and for joining us in our “Escape from Prison Run” event. While the race is an exciting experience, I wanted to share with you an even more exciting opportunity connected to our event: How we plan to assist those in need in our community.  Investing time, money and effort into promoting charitable organizations is the driving force of Chaotic Innovations. The importance of giving back became crystal clear when my 8-year old son was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation I.

One day, I observed Elijah as he walked through our house and prepared to go to school. I sat astounded as he staggered about like the drunks I dealt with in the past. We took him to the doctor but got nowhere. We were told there was nothing wrong with Elijah. Thankfully my wife Nikki pushed for an MRI that subsequently identified the Chiari Malformation. This is a condition where part of the brain, the cerebellum, hangs down into the spinal canal. This disrupts the flow of the cerebral spinal fluid which in turn creates multiple neurological, optical and respiratory complications. We were told surgery was Elijah’s only hope to relieve the pressure and prevent further complications as he grew older.

Nikki and I were devastated by what was happening to Elijah. I had never heard of Chiari Malformation, and certainly never thought we would be sitting at our young son’s bedside as he was prepared for brain surgery. To combat our fear and feelings of isolation, we educated ourselves. As we started reaching out we heard so many brave and heartbreaking stories. We discovered that Chiari Malformation affects approximately 300,000 people in the United States annually, but the specific number of children affected is not known. This condition is often misdiagnosed as sinus disorders or vertigo, and goes untreated until more serious symptoms begin to appear. Many people are unaware they have Chiara Malformation until they are adults.

Elijah’s surgery was long and dangerous. They removed part of his skull and his spine then stretched his Dura (brain liner) to allow for future growth. I knew he was tougher than I could ever be when his first venture from the bed was to walk to see his baby brother, Alex. Elijah eventually recovered well and now proudly displays his 8- inch scar to everyone he meets.

Our experience with Chiara Malformation led me to realize how little the medical community – and people in general – knew about this potentially deadly condition.  I wanted to do whatever I could to ensure other families could avoid the years of misdiagnosis, fear and frustration. I am convinced that information and education is the best way to help. In the spirit of conquering obstacles, Chaotic Innovations, LLC will donate a portion of proceeds from each event we host to charity. Our focus will not only be with organizations involved with Chiari Malformations research and education but community organizations like our partners Soles4Souls and other non-profits. We hope to have your continued support as we strive to positively impact communities throughout Florida.



Thank you! I have received your message.




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